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Acuity Health Medical Billing service  offers full-service, medical  billing services for your practice. With over 25 years experience, we have extensive knowledge of the billing industry and what it takes to overcome obstacles and provide a smooth,  premium quality  billing experience for you, your patients and staff.

Our founders are physicians who understand the headache of collections and dealing with insurance companies.  We are fully aware of the effort that must be  put forth to accurately file and receive each and every earned reimbursement dollar.

With Acuity Health MBS, you can  be assured that we will fight for every claim we file on your behalf. We have made the medical billing process easy, friendly and simple  and continually strive to surpass the quality of service you have ever  experienced while in practice


With Acuity Health MBS your claims pass through an extensive system of edits to ensure that clean claims are delivered to payers the first  time. When rejections do arise, Acuity Health MBS will edit, and resubmit your claims immediately. We will find the revenue you’ve been missing. 


Acuity Health MBS has the tools to get your claims paid faster.  Our billing-focused atmosphere provides reimbursement results. Acuity Health MBS accelerates both claim submission and payment for most practices. 


Our service empowers your healthcare business by overcoming rejections, delays, denials and other obstacles between you and your reimbursements.  We are designed to improve your patient’s  office experience by separating the financial and healthcare aspects of your practice. 

Experienced Staff Is Crucial

Even if the billing company is not coding for you, it’s a good idea for them to have at least one certified coder on staff.  Appeals require the knowledge of a coder, and compliance also demands the increased knowledge that a certified coder can bring to the table.  Even the billers need to know aspects of coding to do an excellent job in billing for your practice.  Key areas of education include rules and regulations, where to find the information for Medicare, Medicaid, your private payers, modifiers, correct order of diagnoses, bundling and National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edits, what separate procedures are, etc.  You do not want a billing company that is just providing data entry. 



 “Given the complexity of today's revenue cycle processes, it takes the specialized skill of medical billing professionals to ensure your practices' economic success and compliance with the many government regulations. Billing is no longer something someone does to fill in the time between scheduling and rooming patients.”

Why Doctors Should Outsource Their Billing (2016) - HBMA (Healthcare Business Management Association) 


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