» Is it Smart to Outsource my Billing?

 Separating the financial aspect of  your practice provides a more comfortable and caring atmosphere for your patients.  Our focused billing staff has over 25 years experience in medical billing and office support.  We are dedicated physician-oriented professionals.

» Can I save money by using a billing service?

 The average  practice, in most instances, will find outsourcing more  cost-effective than in-house.  While increasing collections,  we will reduce your need for staffing, office space, office operating expenses,  storage, an in-house computer system/support and repair and support materials. 

» Will using a billing service reduce my administrative headaches?

  • Dedicated,  focused and educated billers concentrate on your billing,  reimbursement and the  collection processes for your practice. These billers  will not:
            Ask YOU for time off
            Call in sick to YOUR office
            Quit and leave you hanging.  
  • These billers  do not drain your resources for
            Office supplies
            Office space
  • Patients with  financial questions are directed away from your office. 
    This leaves  you with complete focus on YOUR business – the business of providing medical  care to your patients.

» How will I know if you are doing a good job?

We regularly communicate with you and your staff and provide monthly  reports that will show an excellent representation of your practice  billings and collections.  Your records are always available to you upon request. 

» How does your service work?

You send us your work by whatever method works best for your practice - EMR access/interface, scanning, faxing, or any other HIPAA compliant method you prefer.

» How much does your service cost?

We don't get paid until you get paid.  Our rate is based on your posted revenue, on a sliding scale.

» Why should I switch from In-house billing to a service?

With our efficient billing process you will likely experience a significant savings.  Office interruptions due to everyday front office activity are detrimental to the billing atmosphere necessary for successful reimbursement.  Billing is our only focus.  Your billing is given our full  attention.  You will be able to  significantly improve the efficiency of your billing process and collect more  of the money due you. 

» How are you different from other billing services?

We are customer oriented billers.  Your complete satisfaction is our  primary goal.   We are supported by established physicians who are deeply rooted in the medical community and who understand and sustain our primary goal – your total satisfaction.   

» Do you support any specific specialties?

We support a wide range of specialties. 

» How will you submit our claims?

We will transmit your claims electronically daily as entered.  If  required by any insurance  company, we will also submit on paper as  needed.  

» What documents do I need to send to you?

We will need: 

  • Patient Demographics (an office intake sheet or hospital face sheet)
  • A copy of the insurance card (front/back)
  • Your encounter form/superbill (or other notation of diagnosis and services provided)
  • Date of Service
  • A copy of EOBs as payments are received by your office
  •  And ideally a  copy of the deposit slip to match those EOBs.   (*for first  visit or changes only) 

» How long does it take to get started?

 Depending on  the services you choose, we could be begin commercial billing within 48 hours  of contract signature.